Gods Unchained and Cryptokitties crossover

Robert Hoogendoorn
Jan 15 · 2 min read

Battle card game Gods Unchained and collectible feline card game Cryptokitties now have non-fungible tokens that crossover between the two games. Rare cats in Cryptokitties can bring extra powers or even cards into Gods Unchained. The crossover will run for another two weeks and collectible items are temporarily.

The game developers see this collaboration as a new step in building ‘a truly decentralized gaming community’. Cryptokitties players can buy packs to collect the 380 special edition Aeoncats. Each of these cats is an entry into a raffle for the one-of-a-kind Hypurrion, which is the cat equivalent of the valuable Hyperion card in Gods Unchained. Win this kitten and it’s usable in both games.

This isn’t the only way NFTs come into play. If players own one cryptokitty, they are eligible to buy a limited-time pack for Gods Unchained, available till January 28th. This will transform a kitten into a cat talisman that can be used inside Gods Unchained. Some cats will even bring special powers to the battlefield.

The CryptoKitties owned by players and talismans earned in Gods Unchained will never vanish, but there’s only a limited time to breed Tally the Purrocious (January 21st), buy a Cat in a Pack and turn a Kitty into a talisman (January 28th), or buy an Aeoncat (January 28th).

Gods Unchained is currently in closed beta, and will soon go into open beta. Cryptokitties is currently one of the most popular apps on the Ethereum blockchain. The game gained instant fame when it launched and the entire Ethereum network was flooded with transactions involving the kitten breeding game.

In November game studio Dapper Labs got a 15 million dollar investment to work on a new project besides Cryptokitties. Yet, Cryptokitties still is the pinnacle of blockchain game development. The game got so popular, people were willing to pay 172 thousand dollars for a certain card.

Even though blockchain games currently only reaches a couple of thousand consumers per day, investors believe there’s a lot of potential. Major names in the games industry are dipping their toes into the world of the blockchain.

League of Legends has started to connect itself with a blockchain social media platform, which makes it possible for people to earn crypto while playing games. Ubisoft is investigating the world of blockchain technology, Atari is releasing blockchain versions of two mobile games and Square Enix has expressed keen interest.

Originally published at NEDEROB.

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