Gods Unchained in-game marketplace on 0x protocol

Robert Hoogendoorn
Nov 19, 2019 · 4 min read

The Gods Unchained marketplace is made possible by the 0x protocol. The 0x Project announced this on Tuesday. The marketplace will allow gamers to trade, sell and buy over 6 million ERC-721 tokens for the trading card game Gods Unchained. The marketplace will go live within a few days.

The 0x marketplace found in Gods Unchained is complete customized and unique for the game. This is possible thanks to a launch kit by the 0x Project. These packages are audited by Consensys. After the crypto marketplace is deployed on a server, it allows hosts to enable auctions for ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. In addition all Web3 wallets are supported.

Gods Unchained is a trading card game build on the Ethereum blockchain. Each of the six millions cards in the game is an ERC-721 token. Game studio Immutable is nearly done activating over 6 million game assets on the Ethereum blockchain. After that the in-game marketplace will go live.

How Gods Unchained marketplace works

The marketplace in Gods Unchained can be accessed by clicking the corresponding button in the top menu. After that gamers can browse through various themed collections, recent listings, top sellers and popular items. In addition gamers can search for certain attributes, based on meta data. Of course there are also all kinds of filter to make browsing easier.

After clicking a card players will see all versions of that card on sale. Click ‘buy’ to add the card to the cart, and then ‘checkout’ will take gamers to an external payment page by Immutable. For now gamers can only pay for these card using crypto wallets, for example the browser plugin Metamask.

Traders can also put their cards on the market from inside their game. They select a card, specify the price in ETH, and approve the listing.

OpenSea another option

Where the in-game marketplace is undoubtedly the easiest way to sell cards, gamers are also allowed to sell their goods elsewhere. Because gamers have ownership over their cards, they can also sell them on third party marketplaces like OpenSea.

Because the in-game marketplace for Gods Unchained isn’t live yet, OpenSea is currently the best option. Players can already find cards for the game on there, even though they aren’t purchaseable yet. Trading for Gods Unchained will go live when all cards have been moved to the Ethereum main net.

Anybody can trade cards

Trading cards for Gods Unchained isn’t only something for those who invested early. The trading card game is build as a play-to-own game. By spending time and effort into the game, players can earn in-game assets. In turn these can be sold on the online marketplace.

Gamers can earn card packs by leveling up their profile. Playing and winning games earn them ‘plain core cards’. Fusing two of those cards together with a resource called flux, will make them eligible for trading. While leveling up, players also get access to more heroes. Giving them the option to test each of the heroes as they level up.

Flux is not yet available in the game. However, gamers can already earn all the cards they would need to create those cards and sell them. Forging only works when one has multiple copies of the same card.

Cards becoming more rare

Gamers who hold cards from the Genesis season of trading card game Gods Unchained own something that will become increasingly rare. A new game mechanic allows players to generate new, desirable assets in exchange for older cards, including the ones from the Genesis season.

The studio will declare a series of cards, which are the materials for the creation of something new. The assets these cards evolve into, can be anything, ranging from boards and trinkets to packs with new cards or perhaps an ultra-rare, super powerful card. Because cards disappear after the Evolution, the Gods Unchained Genesis cards will become increasingly rare.

Immutable aiming for mainstream

Game studio Immutable recently got a 15 million dollar investment. With this money they need to make their game become a mainstream hit. In recent weeks they supported a banned professional Hearthstone player. This gave the game some media attention. In addition they organized an online tournament with eight prominent game streamers on Twitch.tv to get the name out about their game.

In addition their Genesis season has ended. They’ve sold for over 33.333 ETH worth of digital cards. At the current price this would be over 6 million dollars. Currently Immutable isn’t selling card packs. They will start doing this again in the coming weeks or months.

Gods Unchained recently has seen an increase in its player base. Early October there were ~200 players per day, which doubled after #BlizzardGate. Nowadays there are between 400 and 500 players per day, sometimes peaking towards 600 or even 800. However, Immutable didn’t get 15 million dollars from investors to have 500 people playing their game. Gods Unchained needs to attract millions of players when it officially launches somewhere late 2020.

Originally published at NEDEROB.

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