HTC’s blockchain phone can swap cryptocurrencies

HTC’s blockchain phone, the Exodus 1, now allows users to directly swap between cryptocurrencies within its integrated wallet. The Taiwanese tech company announced on Tuesday that it partnered with crypto startup Kyber Network to make this possible.

The Exodus 1 now has the liquidity protocol from the decentralized crypto exchange Kyber Network integrated into its Zion Vault wallet application. This means that users can swap between ERC20 tokens without first sending their coins to an exchange.

All swaps are done on-chain. HTC is very happy with the partnership, as users don’t need to rely on a third party exchange to change their tokens. ‘Streamlining the user experience’ and ‘maximizing security and privacy’ are important to the Taiwanese company.

Kyber Network announced in September that the company wants to open up the market for ERC20 tokens to more use cases. Their technology allows every ERC20 token to be used for payments, collateral for lending, investing and so on. Their software can also be integrated into other wallets, e-commerce websites, and applications.

At the same time HTC is already working on a second blockchain phone. Later this year a cheaper alternative to the Exodus 1 should launch. Reportedly this phone can be used as a full node for the bitcoin blockchain.

Originally published at NEDEROB.