League of Legends gamers can now earn crypto

League of Legends is the latest video game that supports Refereum, a live streaming social platform build on blockchain technology. Over 65 million gamers worldwide will now be able to stream their gameplay using Refereum and get paid immediately. Gamers can also earn cryptocurrency for playing, watching and completing in-game challenges.

“We saw is that not everyone was being rewarded fairly for their contribution. In the streaming world, it meant only the top 1% of streamers getting paid; in affiliate marketing, it was ‘the last click;’ and in gaming, it was quickly becoming a world where only the top players are rewarded. But the truth is that in our ever-connected world, we all matter and we all add value, and we built Refereum to recognize this by fairly sharing rewards,” said Dylan Jones, CEO of Refereum in a press release.

Gamers have been earning cryptocurrency through Refereum for over a year now. The partnership with League of Legends marks the first time that gamers can earn cryptocurrency for in-game activity in a non-blockchain video game.

Refereum is not a streaming platform on its own, but its offers an extension that needs to be used on Twitch. This extension measures the streaming activity of the user, and pays accordingly. There are already over 1 million gamers using the platform.

League of Legends isn’t the first game that integrates Refereum. The Banner Saga did this last year. Players can earn in-game rewards by completing social activities through Refereum. Think about stuff like joining Discord, following an Instagram account and signing up for newsletters. Of course streaming the game and watching streams are also a way to earn more RFR.

Refereum uses the RFR token as its cryptocurrency. The currency can be earned through using the platform and completing so-called quests, and the earned coins can be spend on buying games for example. RFR is already listed on a wide variety of exchanges.

Originally published at NEDEROB.