Make crypto money while playing PUBG

Robert Hoogendoorn

Gamers who are playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, can now earn cryptocurrency for reaching certain objectives. United States-based blockchain platform Refereum has partnered with game developer PUBG Corporation to expand the in-game reward system. The service is available with immediate effect.

PUBG is a battle royale shooter, and is currently one of the most popular games on Steam. In the past 24 hours it’s been played by more than 700 thousand gamers worldwide. In past months however, numbers had been declining from over 1 million in March 2018 to only 363 thousand players on average in June 2019.

For PUBG the partnership with Refereum will be a nice way to boost their player activity. Players can earn RFR tokens by completing objectives, for example getting 20 kills or becoming one of the most popular streamers using Refereum.

Refereum is a games rewards platform that rewards you for playing and engaging with your favorite games. By joining a hub on Refereum, gamers can earn prizes for completing quests. They’ll accumulate points that can be redeemed for rewards, both digital and physical.

PUBG is not the only game that’s supported by the Refereum platform. League of Legends gamers have already been earning RFR for a few months. Of course gamers can stream any game they wants, but partnered games like League of Legends and PUBG will bring a better integration and cooler rewards to the table.

The partnership with League of Legends was announced in January. The Refereum platform has been live since late 2017, but the partnership with Riot Games marked the first time that gamers can earn cryptocurrency for in-game activity in a non-blockchain video game. The Banner Saga however, did it first.

Refereum is not a streaming platform on its own, but its offers an extension that needs to be used on Twitch. This extension measures the streaming activity of the user, and pays accordingly. There are already over 1 million gamers using the platform.

Players can earn in-game rewards by completing social activities through Refereum. Think about stuff like joining Discord, following an Instagram account and signing up for newsletters. Of course streaming the game and watching streams are also ways to earn more RFR.

Originally published at NEDEROB.

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