Classic gamebook becomes blockchain trading card game

Robert Hoogendoorn
Dec 2 · 3 min read

Fabled Lands and a group of game developers are working on a blockchain card game based on a 1980s best-selling gamebook. Trading card game The Way of the Tiger: Arena of Death will be based on an adventure book called The Way of the Tiger. They plan to release the game somewhere in 2020.

Microsoft isn’t involved in the production or distribution of the game, unlike the press release suggested. One of the team members working on The Way of the Tiger is also a Microsoft game concept developer. At the same time the mentioning of Eidos might confuse those familiar with the games industry, but a concept developer from Eidos is one of the driving forces behind the trading card game.

Arena of Death will be full of ninjas and samurai. Jamie Thomson is heading the game’s production. He was also the original author of the adventure game book. The blockchain-powered game takes place in a fantasy world called Orb. Here the gamer is a young ninja on a quest to avenge his foster father and retrieve stolen scrolls.

VeChain moving into games

In the current market most trading card games on the blockchain use Ethereum’s ERC-721 token protocol. However, Arena of Death will use the VeChain blockchain. Normally businesses use this blockchain project for for example supply-chain management.

Characteristic for blockchain-powered games, gamers who play Arena of Death will have full ownership over their cards. There are limit supplies in cards. As a result a card has a certain value and can be traded. Owners are free to trade or sell their cards to investors, collectors and gamers alike.

Blockchain trading cards getting popular

Arena of Death is definitely not the only blockchain-powered trading card game. One of the biggest players in that field is currently Gods Unchained. This blockchain-powered card game is the most popular gaming dApp on the market. In the past week over 60 thousand cards were sold on their newly launched marketplace, which was good for 297 thousand dollars in trading volume.

At the same time there are more blockchain-powered trading card games coming. CryptoBeasties just completed its pre-sale, and the developers are now working to finalize the game for a full release. At the same time SteemMonsters is working to launch the first season of Splinterlands Untamed. And then there’s SkyWeaver, which is currently in an early access testing phase.

Where all these games use their own set of cards to create a game world with strong gameplay and a working economy, Tides of Magic is doing things differently. They collaborate with other blockchain games and use their assets to create cards. As a result gamers who own a certain creature in Axie Infinity, will get automatically get card in Tides of Magic. This is another example of how true ownership can benefit the ones holding these digital assets.

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