Minecraft world completely running on blockchain

Blockchain start-up Enjin has announced the launch of EnjinCraft, a blockchain-powered version of Minecraft. This version of Minecraft currently has two unique items, a wooden sword and a wooden shield, that are part of Enjin’s own multiverse of games. The company promises that players can ‘keep their valuables for a lifetime’.

The foundation of the announcement is the integration of a Java software development kit (SDK) into Enjin’s services. Enjin already allows integration with for example gaming engine Unity, but Java is a real game changer. Over 3 billion devices worldwide are using Java.

The SDK allows for direct communication with the Ethereum blockchain. That way so-called non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are tied to unique addresses owned by individuals, can be loaded into a game. Enjin’s services are mainly based on the promise that virtual items from one game can unlock other items in other games.

Join the closed beta on EnjinCraft here.

Originally published at NEDEROB.