Nimbus Interactive announced blockchain integration

The PC tower defense game Containment Corps is being enhanced with blockchain technology. By integrating the Enjin blockchain technology, development studio Nimbus Interactive wants to create scarcity of items, community trading and tokenized rewards. The game will soon be available on Steam for free, the company announced in a blog.

Containment Corps is an online co-op tower defense game in which gamers need to defend their base against waves of enemies. The game launched in September 2017 as an Early Access title, and it’s still in active development. With only three reviews on Steam, it’s safe to assume that the game is not a huge commercial success yet. That switch to the -free-to-play business model and integration of Enjin blockchain technology is probably the studio’s last hope for success.

Enjin is one of the most familiar blockchain companies that has a focus on the games industry. With its blockchain technology it’s creating a multiverse in which multiple projects can share tokenized items for example. They use the ERC-1155 token protocol for this, because this protocol places many tokens into one contract instead of making a separate contract for each token. This means that transactions using the ERC-1155 protocol are less demanding on the network, and are therefore cheaper.

Originally published at NEDEROB.