No bitcoin support for Samsung Galaxy S10

The upcoming flagship smartphone from Samsung will not have a bitcoin wallet. According to Coindesk Korea the phone will launch with an ethereum wallet, and it will support several ERC20 tokens. The lack of a bitcoin wallet is remarkable, because promotional footage showed the bitcoin logo.

The crypto wallet build into the Galaxy S10 support four decentralized apps:

  1. Crypto gaming platform Enjin (ENJ)
  2. beauty social media platform Cosmee (COSM)
  3. crypto collectible game Cryptokitties (ETH)
  4. and payment service CoinDuck

The wallet can only be downloaded on Samsung Galaxy S10 phones. Samsung will support more phones, apps and coins in the future. The first pre-orders of the phone are already being shipped to their future owners.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of many new phones that are build using blockchain or crypto technology, have integrated hardware wallets or support cryptocurrencies. HTC has the Exodus 1 on the market, while Electroneum launched a budget phone in South Africa. The XPhone by Pundi Labs is the most advanced blockchain phone and the only one that’s actually true to its name. It even allows calls to take place over a blockchain network instead of traditional carriers.

Originally published at NEDEROB.