Number of Crypto ATMs keeps increasing

Robert Hoogendoorn
Jun 27 · 2 min read

There are 5016 Crypto ATMs worldwide. That means almost one thousand were added this year so far, according to data from That’s an average of six ATMs per day. The most prominent countries for these machines are still the United States, Canada, Austria, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Currently North America is the biggest region for Crypto ATMs, as it hosts 73.9% of all machines, followed by Europe (22.1%) and Asia (2.2%). Even though there’s a serious need in countries like Turkey, Venezuela and Argentina. There are hardly any Crypto ATMs there. Turkey has four, Argentina has ten, while people in Venezuela don’t have access to a Crypto ATM at all.

Even with 5000 machines worldwide, you’ll still need to search for a machine. Crypto ATMs are not common, but they are being used. People use these ATMs the change their fiat money into bitcoin, litecoin, or some of the other supported cryptocurrencies.

Out of the 5016 Crypto ATMs, only five do not support bitcoin. With 3309 supporting machines Litecoin comes in second place, followed by Ethereum (2876), Bitcoin Cash (1868), Dash (955), Monero (175), Dogecoin (83) and Zcash (72).

These numbers might soon change significantly. An ATM manufacturer and cryptocurrency vending machine firm are working together to start selling bitcoin at tens of thousands regular ATMs in the United States.

Originally published at NEDEROB.