Pizza Heroes first 3D action game on Tron blockchain

Robert Hoogendoorn
Nov 6 · 3 min read

The Tron blockchain might be full of gambling games, but with Pizza Heroes it will have its first 3D online action game. The team behind the game will soon launch a beta version, they wrote in a blog. Game development team DApp Evolution is working on the game, after they also build tools like TronChat and TronRadar. Pizza Heroes is filled with player-owned game assets and offers a variety of game modes to play.

Pizza Heroes has been made to provide utility for its player-owned digital assets. They created a game world called ZA, which is the homeland of the Pizza Heroes. However, it’s under attack by evil forces. The first playable mode in ZA, will be a defense mode. Here gamers need to defeat an incoming horde of enemies.

The enemies have not been finalized yet. In future version of the game players will be fighting against evil potatoes, malicious meatball bats, and supervillain Professor Kaleborg. Another thing the team still needs to finalize are the in-game clothes. These collectible clothes can have attributes as well, including armor and offensive perks. Clothes are owned by players and provide a way to customize characters.

Even though Pizza Heroes runs on the Tron blockchain, players don’t require TRX to play the game. Instead the game requires its own token, called EVO. A beta version of the online game will soon be launched, but an exact date has not been communicated yet.

Future game modes in Pizza Heroes

DApp Evolution hasn’t announced any further releases for Pizza Heroes, even though they definitely are under development. A trailer released in April 2019 shows that the game is likely to feature an action adventure mode, like the Tomb Raider franchise. Furthermore gameplay revealed a multiplayer fighting mode that reminds us of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, while the trailer also teased a high-speed racing game.

DApp Evolution’s EVO token

Where TRX is the base token for the entire Tron blockchain, the DApp Evolution development team has been creating its own ecosystem. The launched the EVO token, which can be used within a variety of decentralized apps. TronChat is the most popular app, but Pizza Heroes as the potential to take over as the new flagship bearer of DApp Evolution.

There are 100 million EVO tokens available, with 88.2 million currently on the market. In its pre-sale each EVO token was sold for 20 TRX, which would make the entire EVO supply approximately worth approximately 40 million dollars.

Originally published at NEDEROB.

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