Sirin Labs releases blockchain phone

Sirin Labs has just released its first blockchain phone, called Finney. This $999 phone is unique, because it’s build with blockchain technology at its core. The phone was officially released on Thursday at a launch event in Barcelona.

The phone is running on its own SirinOS, which is an adapted version of Google’s Android operating system. However, SirinOS is build is run decentralized apps (dApps) and supports a build-in marketplace. Besides its own marketplace for dApps, the familiar Google Play Store is also supported.

Finney also comes with a second screen, called the ‘safe screen’. It’s only 2 inches in size and is meant to be used for secure access to the built-in cold storage wallet.

When it comes to ‘normal functionalities’ of a phone, Finney doesn’t fall short. It has a 12MP back camera, an 8MP front camera and 128GB built-in storage. Consumers have the option to add storage to their phone as well by adding an SD memory card.

SirinOS is not meant as a Sirin Labs exclusive software package. The company is looking for ‘strategic OEMs to implement Sirin OS in additional consumer devices’. This could attract interest from phone manufacturers like Huawei, Asus, Motorola, Oppo and others.

The SRN token is a cornerstone of the Sirin Labs ecosystem. SRN is meant as an utility token. Buying the phone with SRN tokens gets consumers a 10 percent discount. The token can also be used to buy apps, for example.

As Sirin Labs released its phone the price of the tokens surged towards 10 cents, after which it fell back just above $0.08.

Originally published at NEDEROB.