Starbucks tracking coffee from farm to cup

Coffee giant Starbucks is implementing a supply chain service to give consumers more information about their coffee. This was announced by their partner Microsoft this week. With the help of Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Service the coffee company will track coffee shipments around the world, bringing real-time trace-ability to its supply chains.

The blockchain service is recording all changes along the journey of the coffee on a shared ledger. Starbucks will use that information to enrich its mobile application with more information for consumers. While drinking their coffee, consumers can read where it was sourced, roasted, and learn more about tasting notes.

Every week Starbucks serves 100 million consumers worldwide. In 2018 alone, the company got its coffee beans from 380 thousand coffee farms from different areas in the world. Farmers will also gain access to the blockchain, and they will learn where their beans are the most popular.

It’s not yet known when the app will be updated to be used by consumers. Shareholders received a demo of the technology back in March. Starbucks is currently in talks with farmers in Costa Rica, Colombia and Rwanda to find out how the blockchain can further benefit the production process.

This is not the only cryptocurrency or blockchain project Starbucks is involved in. The company is also working with Bakkt, while there are also reports that the coffee behemoth wants to develop its own crypto app, and perhaps even a token, for in-store purchases.

Originally published at NEDEROB.