Three Italian wines now blockchain authenticated

Robert Hoogendoorn

Singapore-based blockchain company VeChain has announced a first partnership for their My Story program. Three Italian vineyards and wineries will add their wines to the blockchain, so that consumers can see where their wine is coming from. Bottles from Ricci Curbastro, Ruffino Wines and West Wind Wines tag their bottles with a My Story label, using VeChain hardware tags.

My Story is an app on the VeChain blockchain, setup in collaboration with global product assurance and certification company DNV-GL. The app, which was announced in March 2018, offers a digital assurance solution for food and beverages, and includes physical audits, data collection and verification services.

The tags or QR-codes on the bottles will allow consumers to reveal the authenticity of each bottle of wine. Information includes details on the cultivation, the type of grape, how the wine was bottled, and the owner of the vineyard. There are also serving tips included.

For DNV-GL this is likely to be a first of many collaborations with VeChain. The company believes that consumers — especially Millennials — are reshaping purchasing behavior, as they want direct interaction with a brand or product. The company thinks it can receive more feedback from its consumers, thanks to implementing the My Story app into their production cycle.

Originally published at NEDEROB.

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