‘Ubisoft puts serious effort in blockchain games’

French video game publisher Ubisoft is looking to implement blockchain technology in one or more future game releases. Development on the game and the technology are, according to French online news portal Les Echos, ‘at an advanced stage’. Further details are not available yet.

The original report suggests that Ubisoft is looking at the Ethereum blockchain for its games. Non fungible tokens (NFTs) would benefit from its ERC-721 and ERC-1155 protocols. However, we should not forget about Enjin, a blockchain company which has been present at major games conferences around the globe for multiple years already.

Ubisoft already is involved in the world of blockchain. The games publisher is one of the key companies in the Blockchain Game Alliance. They announced their involvement at the Blockchain Game Summit in Lyon, France, in October last year. Here they work together with Consensys, Enjin, and EverdreamSoft.

Which game Ubisoft will be using for this new technology, remains to be seen. The newly announced open world action game Watch Dogs Legion, plays in the near future when the British Pound has been usurped by cryptocurrencies. Obviously blockchain-based items would fit in well in this game, but it seems unlikely that Ubisoft will put this much experimentation in one of its flagship IPs.

The French game publisher, best known for its Assassin’s Creed series, has many other upcoming games, like Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Rainbow Six Quarantine and Just Dance. None of these games are likely to be used as an experiment.

Ubisoft is known for having some of its internal studios working on experimental games. In recent years games like Grow Home and Ode were titles with a style normally only seen in products made by independent studios. With Roller Champions and Gods & Monsters the company has introduced two new IPs, which might be involved in the blockchain project.

Originally published at NEDEROB.