Unstoppable Browser for decentralized IPFS web

Robert Hoogendoorn
Feb 18 · 2 min read

Unstoppable Domains has launched a browser that supports the non-custodial decentralized web, like IPFS. The newly launched browser can access websites built on peer-to-peer networks. The browser is also capable of running a local instance of IPFS, which means users support the decentralized network.

The Unstoppable Browser is available for Windows PCs and MacOS. There’s no version for mobile devices yet. Development of the Unstoppable Browser is open source. Any developer can contribute on Github. The browser is based on Electron and websites are rendered using Chromium. This is also the engine that powers Google Chrome.

Last year Unstoppable Domains already launched their own .crypto blockchain domains. These domain names aren’t accessible through regular browsers, but require Web 3.0 support. This is something Opera for Android offers, but other browsers like Chrome, Brave, and Firefox are a bit behind on this development.

In addition these domain names also serve as cryptocurrency wallets. For example, people can also send bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and tron to a blockchain domain address like playtoearn.crypto. Support for this feature is limited to certain wallets, but the numbers of wallets is expanding rapidly.

Play to Earn is running its website entirely on blockchain technology. File hosting is happening on IPFS, while the blockchain domain name is playtoearn.crypto. For example playtoearn.crypto refers to the Play to Earn website, but people can also send bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, tron and stellar lumens to the address. Because playtoearn.crypto isn’t watchable in a standard browser, www.playtoearn.online can be used as well.

Blockchain domains in high demand

Blockchain-powered web domain services have been taking the market by storm with their blockchain domains .eth and .crypto. Investors and crypto enthusiasts invested millions of dollars in Ethereum Name Service and their .eth web addresses and the .crypto addresses from Unstoppable Domains.

A blockchain-based domain is not registered by an intermediary, instead users have direct control. That means that yourdomain.eth or yourdomain.crypto is attached to a privately owned wallet. This also means that only users themselves are capable of transferring ownership.

The result of this is that intermediaries or law enforcement can’t claim ownership over a domain name. This also means that governments can’t order web hosting companies to take down your content. Unless the content is stored on a centralized server of course.

Originally published at NEDEROB.

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