Exponential Roadmaps
Peter Diamandis

I find it ironic that Mr Diamandis is using a digitized medium to tell us that digitized media are rapidly demonetized, and he concludes by offering (presumably expensive) digital media to CEOs and (somewhat less expensive) digital media to the other 99%. Or you could try this: https://medium.com/the-futurist-files. Which demonstrates his point.

If you’re in the 1% and tempted by his flattering offer to share only with you, remember that the shelf life is going to be pretty short; and that the genius of the many contributors to fora like medium and the resulting dialog is likely to be far more valuable than his doubtless valuable insights. I mean no disrespect to Mr Diamandis — quite the contrary — but we are always wiser than any one of us. Consult his oracle, then keep an open mind.

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