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Introduction to topic

I am doing android development for over one and a half year actively. I have been making an app after app using different third libraries to achieve my end goal and getting all sorts of app features figured out. In the latest android app that I am building for a client, little thought crossed my mind. What if I wanted to change the behavior of the library and add my functions to it? What then happens?

Eureka part

If you have a good grasp of Java or Kotlin this will be easy to follow. If not go build more apps and get…

Instagram has been great platform,to meet new people ,like and share photos.But their most famous service is their messaging.Few weeks ago this was only available for mobile phones through their official app.Now things have “changed”.

Can I use Instagram chatting features on computer?

Now yes.But you need few things to setup.


  1. First of all you need to trick Instagram to think that you are using phone.This is possible by installing chrome extension called User-Agent Switcher for Chrome and enabling Android agent.

Today is 30th November and I just found out my API that I built month ago is useless and can’t be fix in few hours (not sure if it can be done in weeks or days).

If this situation happened year ago I will probably try to solve it and just spend time looking for quick fix(in most of cases there was one) ,but now my plan is rebuild everything from zero.Why?

I am planning to rebuild it because of 2 factors:

  • I feel I need more practice with NodeJS
  • I can make better product then it was on that version

This week lesson is not to hesitate to start over,even if you fail again.If it is possible you will get it eventually!

Hello,I am nedimf an Android and Web developer.I am making this indie developer diary for every developer or beginner, to feel what it takes to pursue career in tech (at this young age).I am planning to write these short stories weekly,will you join me?


We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain. ~Stephen Hawking

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