Stefanowski is Wrong on Women

In previous years, the voters of Connecticut have had a choice for governor between a mainstream Connecticut Democrat, and a mainstream Connecticut Republican. While the candidates disagreed on the issues, they often shared Connecticut values.

That’s not the case in this election, because Bob Stefanowski is no mainstream Connecticut Republican.

Throughout this entire election cycle, Stefanowski has remained silent on the core issues that impact women, and he has refused to stand up for women across the state and country. Asked where he stood on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who could be the deciding vote overturning Roe v. Wade, Stefanowski took a “pass.”

Yesterday, Stefanowski said his objective was the same as mine: to “take care of women voters.”

There are two things that are very wrong with his claim.

Women do not need to be “taken care of.”

Women need to be empowered, supported, respected and provided with equal opportunity in every facet of their lives — from the classroom to the boardroom.

The government needs to remove the systemic obstacles that only work to prevent women from achieving and pursuing leadership roles, and stop sending men with credible allegations of misconduct against them to the U.S. Supreme Court or the White House.

The experiences of women and girls must figure into every policy and program decision we make. We have to revitalize Connecticut’s economy in a way that fosters prosperity and opportunity for all, including Connecticut’s 170,000 family households headed by women.

This starts with electing a winning ticket who will create economic security for women by implementing a paid family and medical leave system, expanding access to affordable childcare, increasing the minimum wage, further supporting women-owned businesses and closing the gender wage gap.

  • While momentum has been building to close the gender wage gap and give women the equalization they deserve, Stefanowski’s running mate, Joe Markley, was the lone vote in the state senate who voted against pay equity legislation. Stefanowski was silent for an entire year on equal pay for equal work.
  • Women also disproportionately rely on the minimum wage — which Stefanowski wants to eliminate, completely.
  • Women need more representation in government and more mothers in office — and we need to do all we can support them running.
  • Women need equal educational and economic opportunities, so they can lead satisfying careers, contribute to their families and communities, and escape intimate partner violence.
  • Women need childcare options, for which Stefanowski’s tax scheme eliminates funding.
  • With Obamacare, women are not charged more than men for health care and are guaranteed plans that cover maternity care and contraception. But Stefanowski opposes Obamacare, and his running mate voted against enshrining its protections in Connecticut law.
  • We must actively fight to ensure women have control and governing power over their bodies — and not the government. Stefanowski has largely been silent on a woman’s right to choose — and said the decision of whether to have a child should be up to families. He is wrong about that, too.

Finally, Stefanowski’s “objective” is nothing like mine. The only thing he can commit to is cutting taxes for the wealthy at everyone else’s expense. A plan that would eliminate 60 percent of Connecticut’s revenue, decimate funding for education, health care, and public safety, and force property taxes to skyrocket.

I’m running for governor so that we can work together to ensure women are paid dollar-for-dollar what men earn, that women are empowered to pursue leadership and high-ranking roles, and that Connecticut is a state where everyone is given an equal opportunity to receive a top-tier education, land a good-paying job and live in a safe home.