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Texan. Front-end Developer. Coding Bootcamp graduate. ENFP. Probably loves you.

When you’ve got so many options that you become overwhelmed and instead do nothing at all.

When I graduated from the first-ever Houston cohort at DigitalCrafts, I was elated about the future. “I’m a full-stack developer now! I have so many options!” I thought. But as I started perusing job openings, I started to lose that enthusiasm. Each job listing asked for something different, a different technology, a different framework, a different meaning of ‘full-stack’ even. And everything seemed so cold, so… not me.

I then decided I wanted to set out on my own and try freelancing for a…

And making sure your self-critique isn’t self-abuse.

Despite having started numerous endeavors, written countless pieces, and created many types of art, I have a wildly disproportionately small amount of finished product out in the world. While part of that can be blamed on many external factors, the largest culprit is certainly my own perfectionism. And it’s not even perfectionism, really. I never strive to make things perfect, I just almost never feel like the finished product is good enough.

On September 12 at 11am, Grammy-winning jazz artist Esperanza Spalding began live streaming her effort to conceptualize, write, and record a 10-track album in 77 hours. This is…

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