When Your Mind Won't Let You Leave

Your Trapped In Your Own Home, The prospects of walking out the door is just too much.


“There isn’t anything in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts.”

This post will look at various aspects of the agoraphobia disorder as well as the anxiety disorder with focus…



Agoraphobia My Inner Demon Living Here With Me

When Agoraphobia Sets In You Have Lost Control

My Personal Experience With Agoraphobia

The Facts

Let’s Open With Some Factual Info The main symptoms associated with the disorder of agoraphobia are based on fears. They manifest as fearing leaving without any one, fear of crowds or public spaces like parking areas or shopping…



VA Disability And PTSD

Questions About PTSD And VA Disabilty Rating System

Are You Considering Your Options In Filing A Claim

What percentage does a veteran get for PTSD?

The percentage is different for each veteran. The veteran has to be evaluated by a VA psychologist. After evaluation then the doctor’s notes of your evaluation go to…