DevRant-Finally a Place to Rant About the Profession We Love 97% of the Time

d. tinsley

I discovered DevRant about 3 months ago. It has become my favorite development related application with Slack being a close second. DevRant is a place to rant about things that frustrate developers. Devs can earn swag based on the popularity of their rants. It is addictive and for those of us with a snarky sense of humor, it feels like home.

All Devs love the chance to snag some swag. DevRanters can earn free laptop stickers if a rant you post gets 20 +1’s and a stress ball at 175 +1's

Earn swag based on the popularity of your rants.

Frequent subjects of rants are recruiters, meetings about meetings, sales selling the impossible, project managers, managers, programming languages, customers and sometimes other developers.

One would think that DevRant would be a negative place but you would be wrong. Rants are often humorous and sometimes exaggerated. Of course no names or companies are mentioned. Rants are typically more general in nature.

DevRanters sometimes console those who experience loss as well as those who are celebrating. DevRanters can pose questions regarding architecture and will receive frank but respectful responses. Developers from all over the world and time zones share similar frustrations, most with the dry humor developers are known for. DevRanters are diverse, all ages and experience levels are represented.

The thing I love most about DevRant is knowing my frustrations are common and I can use them to grow or help others get through rough spots. Thanks DevRant team.

d. tinsley

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Like sharing technology, art, and teaching with others. I am building a consulting/software company with trusted friends.

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