I am a freshman at designing vocational school which located in Shibuya Japan. Yeah, I’m Japanese. I’ve been living in Tokyo as Japanese since when I was born.

Born as a Japanese means that your life would be quite domestic as long as you live as usual person in here. And that means you would tend to think about yourself as like someone who can’t handle any other languages without any doubts. Because that is one of our deep-rooted notions, and also it doesn’t matter even if you can’t.

I’ve been thought the same way before. But recently I had a chance to talk with a girl who’s from China and she is a exchange student who studies at the university here, actually she is one of my colleagues at my working place said in her fluent Japanese “I haven’t decided what language to learn from now on. Because I haven’t decided yet which country to work.” I was almost stunned since I haven’t have any ideas like that. As like I said, born as Japanese means live as Japanese until the end.The end. Yeah, But ” really?”suddenly I felt that something new has born in my mind which strongly starting to having doubt on my old way of thinking. And I realized that I pretended like I can’t be someone who has any choices to engage myself to the out side of my country and just tried to ignore and keep away from that options pretending “Unfortunately I’m Japanese,so I’m sorry I can’t handle it”

So I felt I need to get out of that place A.S.A.P.Fortunately my field is Designing, so I am pretty sure that field is quite compatible with English.Okay, but how? Read difficult books in English? check words on dictionaries? and I started to be exhausted again because that was almost the same way what I felt when I was a teenage girl who’s sitting in front of a lots of home works of freakin’ boring English class.

But I started to think. Now I’m learning Designing that means I have to be capable to tell the way of my thinking precisely even in Japanese.So that must be the same even in other languages.I need to tell my clients what I really meant with my design. So I got an idea to make notes about my thinking in English hoping that process let my brain to get use to it.

I know my English skill is nothing different from native kids age 10 or something(even worse, haha!). Though, the process of writing itself worth, I suppose. I could write these on my personal note book which may never see the light of day, however I chose the way like this, in order not to be lazy. I guess I’m gonna write here almost as like my journal. Hope you enjoy my lovely broken English and my progress in it.

See you later.

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