Dear 19-year old me!

Dear 19-year old me,

I just wanted to let you know that it still feels great to be you, even after a decade. You and I have both stood on the same hedge, waiting for the much awaited decade in front of us.

It is, of course, intimidating and daunting sometimes to gaze towards the oblivion. Well you have fared well in your journey of becoming me and I tried my level best to keep you alive in my metamorphosis.

We found happiness and love, new strengths and weaknesses, hopes and ambitions. We learnt to drive a car, a household and a business. We faltered where we were supposed to and have shone with confidence which we never knew we had!

We have had amazing experiences, set new benchmarks, explored different countries and revisited some.

We made new friends and kept the old ones. Some came and went and some stuck with us through all the thick and thins. Our family has been the powerhouse of support. Both set of parents, sisters-in-law, brother and of course the beloved husband have shown tremendous faith in us.

We still are ardent fans of Shah Rukh Khan, but have stopped watching his movies in the theatre.

We have managed to find solace in all the turmoil life chose to throw at us and we have always been grateful to the people around. Whenever we fell with a loud thud, we have managed to brush off the dirt and move on.

In all, these 10 years have fortified our personality. I had to discard some of your traits along the way as they were unnecessary but have always tried to keep your personality untarnished. I am grateful for these 10 years and look forward to being the dreaded ’30’. I will keep you posted.

Yours truly,

29-year old me.