Actor based concurrency

A few days ago I gave a short talk at a functional programming meetup here in Zagreb. It was about Actor based concurrency in Ruby. Since I’ve been building a system using a Ruby library called Celluloid for some time now, I wanted to share the gospel of Actors to a wider crew.

This happened to be my first public talk, so naturally, I learned a lot of things about public speaking, but one thing in particular. Preparation-wise, treat your live demo as a part of the presentation, meaning, practice the flow of your code example in the same way you practice the flow of your slides. Otherwise, it ends up looking jumbled and chaotic. Especially so when you jump around the code trying to explain something you intimately know to other people that don’t have the same familiarity.

While practicing it you’ll also have more chances to recognize the fatty parts of your code example and trim them, keeping it lean and to the purpose.

The slides were build using remark.js and are hosted locally.

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