Why i hate motivational quotes but love reading motivational and self improvement articles on MEDIUM

So, This is the first time I’m writing a blog, literally the first time! The last time i wrote something significant was the time when i had a sleep paralysis. That too because i wanted to have a record of that extraordinary event in a meticulous way, just to share it with my friends and family, i thought i will forget everything when i wake up in the morning.
So what convinced me to write a blog? This 5 Minutes article i read on Medium and a lot more articles i read here which just convinced me to get this shit done!
Shit i mean in a good way, not bad! Now towards the main topic. I hate motivational quotes because i think they are just a tool to make yourself feel good about the shit you are in right now, particularly the quotes which gives you hope. For example this one “When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great”.
Well!!! I think it’s utter bullshit, if you are in a mess, it’s because you have done the things in a wrong way, not in a way it’s supposed to me done! That’s it! You are in a mess because of you own faults and the “life” is not a hand of god which will launch you into something great. This quote is just an excuse, it’s not going to get you anywhere till you do something about it.
If you get convinced by this quote, you are just doing something to sleep comfortably at night despite the fact that your life is in a mess and you are not doing anything at all to change it. Other problems with these type of quotes is that it just tells you about something in a vague way and gives you no clue about how to deal with it. And the reason you get convinced by these quotes is because you want to feel good, In the book “Awaken the giant within” anthony robbins explains it in a very phenomenal way. Everything you do is to gain some pleasure and avoid the pain. This is just one of those things. Another reason these type of quotes gives you false hope is because of the marketing. Yes! You heard it right! The name of the famous personality who said it, i thinks that’s just marketing, nothing else! It doesn’t matter who said it, and i’m pretty sure whoever said it would not want you to sit on your ass and just hoping that things will be better!

Why i love reading motivational artilcles on medium?

The best thing about the articles here is that the writers are people who are just like us, facing the same problem we face everyday, and the best thing is that they come up with a solution. The convince you to get your shit done! They explain it in a very delineate way as to how you solve the problem and move forward. It’s not some 10 words quote which just makes you feel better about yourself. The moment you start applying the rules and the discipline you find here in your daily life, you will start noticing the changes.

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