The Importance of Data Privacy

Neel Achary
Jun 12, 2019 · 3 min read

Data protection is crucial for companies as well as consumers. Most of the regulations over the data protection and data privacy bring data companies and other companies in the ambit of the regulations. The legislation like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, Consumer Data Protection Act and the Data Care Act in the USA advocate for data protection. The GDPR puts the maximum penalty for a violation at 4% of worldwide revenues of the offending organization.

Data companies have been designing and working around to develop models through which they could protect the data of the customers. The data privacy and protection is also fully depending on the customers too. They need to know their rights and privileges in regard to data protection. It is also their right to give any consent to companies to store their data or to delete the data they shared with the companies.

In this digital age, consumers share their vital information on social media sites, e-commerce sites, and other apps to perform certain kind of actions. Of late, browsers and websites collect the data of the users and store their search behavior. This data could be insightful for companies to develop strategies to generate revenue and profits.

For any company, data is a vital asset. With the rise of the data economy, companies have been adoption several ways to collect, share and use data. And, the regulations across the world are safeguarding the interest of the customers and their personal data. It is the fundamental right of the consumers to protect their date and companies can’t collect or use their data without their consent to it. Data privacy is depending on data protection. Why is data privacy important?

Companies must follow fair business process and regulations when it comes to the consumers’ personal data. These companies must train and regulate their employees over the data collection, sharing and use of sensitive data. These companies must ensure the information privacy of their customers or users.

There are many technologies available to protect data and for data privacy. Here are five data security and privacy technologies that will be useful for companies in dealing with data privacy and protection.

1. Cloud Data Protection: Could adoption is at peak; all companies including small businesses are moving to the cloud to automate their process. There are concerns like data security, compliance, and privacy are associated with it. This technology will help to encrypt sensitive data before moving to cloud with enterprise, not the cloud provider.

2. Big Data Encryption: This technology is useful in applying encrypting techniques to obscure data in relational databases and on other big data platforms where the data is stored. It will prevent the cyber attack and help in data protection.

3. Data Privacy Management Solutions: This platform is useful for data protection and privacy by initiating auditable workflows.

4. Application-level Encryption: This helps to encrypt data within the application before it committed or stored at the database level. It protects sensitive data at every stage whenever the data is copied or transmitted.

5. Data Access Governance: This platform allows companies to manage data access permission. It is also helpful in finding sensitive slate data of the users. Using this platform the companies discover and clear the data.

At Learnitude Technologies, we have been taking data protection measures are priorities. The date of customers is being encrypted at the app level. It can be assessed by others. We have been developing and designing various types of applications using technologies. Our first priority is to protect the data of our clients and their customers.

For any questions on data privacy, please feel free to write to us at Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

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