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Understanding life with a different perspective !

The man within a woman; the woman within a man! Are you a Balanced personality ?

Have you ever got a compliment for being a determined lady? Are you the kind of guy; appreciated by women for his emotional intelligence? Do you ever feel that each gender has certain specific, unique psychological traits that are innate but these traits can be learned and embedded in our individuality to become an evolved human? If yes then you know what I am talking here; androgyny.

“ A great mind must be androgynous.” - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Indian mythology and ideology often attracts a lot many philosophers, psychologists and those insight driven souls who are on a quest for finding a deeper meaning. I first came across this topic via an article written by a shrewd Indian astrologer. The idea of developing certain traits of opposite gender in your personality is so rational and logical that I flowed with the notion instantly.

Freedom comes with an open mindset !

According to research, androgynous expression has come to be associated with positive attributes like mental well being, creativity, self esteem, cognitive flexibility and innovation. It is not merely about dressing or looking like opposite counterpart. It is not about physical appearance, the idea is to blend and develop those positive and supportive traits emotionally, mentally and socially that intend to strengthen a person in a holistic manner. It sounds like the next level of evolution that requires adaptability and versatility in our personal endeavours towards growth.

How special we feel when we meet an assertive, confident, independent woman? A sense of empowerment automatically blows in your mind. Meeting a man with sensitive persona and composed manners naturally drives a sense of security. These people excel in their personal and professional areas because they are so capable of balancing the intricacies of human psychology that influence our emotions and behaviour each day. They are likeable, attractive and reflect a positive aura.

The flexible characteristics help to become an open minded and non judgemental person. To end my advocacy for androgyny; just want to share a small incident. A friend of mine told her best friend who happened to be a guy — “ I feel sad because I don’ t have a man in my life.” The guy gave a deep reply, “ Be a lady of your own; man will follow.”

In order to be complete in our own ways, androgynous mindset is an attitude that can help us to live a more integrated life delivering satisfaction!

“Let him who would move the world first move himself.”_ Socrates

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