The Teacher That Changed My Life

Anxios Animator
1 min readJul 21, 2018


Right from my childhood I loved computers. When I was 3 I started using paint on my PC. At the age of 5 I started using most Microsoft application. I loved playing games on the PC too.

Seeker Space — Neelay kamat(me)-Goa’s young game devoloper

When I was in 5th STD at the Little Penguins School in Goa my teacher Siddharaj Mopkar (Science teacher) found my interest in computers. He introduced me Scratch. He encouraged me in Scratch, Python and Robotics with Arduino. Because of him I had started learning animation and game development and designing. I had joined Vidyavriksh (seekers space) mentored by Siddharaj Mopkar and Raj Kunkalienkar. Their teaching

Siddharaj Mopkar

changed my life. I thought that I was successful. But then Siddharaj Mopkar said that never let success get into your head, there is lot left to learn. The next day a video was made on me which was sent on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. The next day the Navhind times newspaper had taken my interview. 2 days later another paper had taken my interview. My teachers have done a lot for me and we should always respect them.

Written by :Neelay Kamat