If you feel utterly miserable failing at something, you were never meant to succeed at it in the first place.

Ideas from an Evolving Mind- #Idea 1

2016 Class of MBA, IIM Bangalore, (Sep 2015)

Over the past year as I have been trying to switch to a better job, I have reached out to a host of professionals, redrafted my resume a dozen times, followed up with recruitment firms and so on so forth. The struggle is familiar as I had engaged similarly while securing an opportunity acceptable to me for my college summers (3rd year/4th year). I was equally anxious at each of those times with a heart wrenching fear of ending up with an opportunity that was too mediocre, since I was amongst the toppers and had to achieve something significant to continue to maintain that image in my mind and in others’.

Now as I have grown more aware of myself over the last year, I’ve realised that expressing my thoughts, reading voraciously on varied subjects and exploring things that I’ve never tried before are my high points in a day. I happen to be utterly happy, at ease and at my most productive self in terms of the ideas that pop up and the feelings that flow, which in turn allow me to write and keep exploring more.

Parallely, being involved in a corporate role where I actually loved the work and was good at, made me miserable since I could never express my thoughts around the work to any significant level. I wouldn’t have realised how important that was for me personally, had I ended up in a role that I was eyeing for and would have ended up continuing to struggle with myself. Instead I am off now looking for a workplace that allows a free and open exchange of opinions. Had I gotten that role, I’d have very much judged someone who would do that as a mediocre. Instead, am now doing it myself and in doing so, I am happier & more content than I’ve ever been.

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