I’m new to freelancing and lately, I’m experiencing creative blocks as an artist.

Hi Emerald,
thanks for checking out my post first of all! I think that everyone who does some kind of creative work has periods when they feel like they just don’t have any inspiration. I can only speak about writing, but I find that I can’t produce great articles day after day after day. Some articles seem to drain the creativity out of you and after such a piece I need to refuel a bit before I can work on something else. So I’m not sure if I’ve got any useful tips for you, but I think what helps me most when I feel like my creativity is at rock bottom, is to try and leave the project for what it is for a few days and distract myself (work out, go for a long walk in the fresh air, watch a movie in the cinema, whatever works for you) and then usually it comes back to me when I least expect it (often late at night just before I fall asleep). Hope that helps and if not, I hope you find it reassuring that this happens (most likely) to all creatives!

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