Shine Up

Remember in school days how we used to tie hair in braids after almost spending half an hour of care in oiling and making hair tangle free then finally tie in two plaits. Longing to have hair free but not allowed by moms on some or the other pretexts. On the contrary see nowadays children have very less hair growth and mostly ladies are seen with short cut hair to hide less dense hair growth. In modern fast paced life style it’s tough to manage healthy hair and take proper care. Excess use of different shampoo , chemical based hair coloring , constant change of places also a main cause of hair fall as water changes, stress, carelessness, poor health, using various shampoos, severe illness, malnutrition and so many to list. Among all these a proper hair care oil too is a vital thing to take care of your crowning glory. Mostly nowadays unlike olden times we avoid oil application thus hair fall is on constant increase.

Any person apart from the gender has a good look if hair style is good, if we have very scanty hair then we ourselves feel very conscious while being in public places. I have noticed people trying hard to hide their bald head by overlapping a few hair over the plain scalp.

Shine Hair care Oil is designed keeping all these things in mind so that you get the maximum benefits and enjoy good, lustrous hair. Just ten minutes application before taking bath is enough to stimulate blood circulation and enhance hair growth. Without worrying for any side effects you can try this oil and feel free to post your feed back on this page once happy with the results. Am getting orders from my customers for their friends so you can understand about it’s good effects. My very first customer has given me many orders for her friends as she found its a magical oil in just 2 months short span.

For orders contact on 9698308048.

Oil rates may differ. So far I have been supplying to my Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore customers.

250 ml for 250 + 160 Rs shipping & 500 ml for 450 + 200 Rs , shipping. Above 750 ml shipping is just 40 Rs extra so the more you order (maybe a group) the less shipping charges. For Mumbai, Delhi & B’lore same rates apply.

For herbal natural hair wash powder too you can contact me on the same number. It would double the hair health naturally. Check this link.

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