MyLnk — Defining a new path forward

It is hard to dispute the fact that marketing is the cornerstone of any successful business. Be it the best Fortune 500 company or a small business with a megaphone to attract attention, marketing is the key to success. Over time, it has been described as a skill, an art, and even a philosophy.

We live in an age, where the presence of innumerable competitors has driven, and continues to drive, innovative marketing to higher plateaus. It is not sufficient to tailgate trends anymore. To be the best, you have to pioneer innovative ideas!

One of the key challenges for a new age marketer is to get a high number of relevant clicks. The number of clicks for marketers is what milliseconds are to sprinters. There is a critical need for every brand to reach out to the right audience via social media platforms. However, the clutter on the web acts as obstacles in a race to be the first to reach a potential customer.

The old methods of traditional marketing are gradually becoming obsolete, in the wake of the digital age. Practices such as vying for the first spot in a phone book has lost its importance to Google’s search engine optimization, traditional coupons have given way to digital offers and so on. It is of vital importance to evolve with the times to keep away from extinction.

The sole reason for this shift in paradigm is the digitally connected customer, who is all about personalized service. They would like to have a consistent Omni channel experience, to improve their online experience and reduce complexities. Enticing such users to one’s product page is getting more difficult with time. Only the most strikingly practical products get noticed.

Taking customization to the next level, social media and data analytics brands are serving users what they would like to experience. With tens of thousands of alternatives, there is something out there for every digital customer. Unless a product allows customization to suit every demographic, it will never get world renowned. Enter MyLnk!

MyLnk is a not just another tool. It exudes trust to your relevant audience. It is a simplistic custom URL shortening solution, with the added benefit of link customization, making it the ideal solution to

the challenge of getting clicks. Tests, conducted at various prestigious universities, have proved that online users are more likely to click on links than action buttons. Psychologically, people trust links because they assume that links point to useful pages, while action buttons benefit the sender more than the viewer. MyLnk is defining a new path forward by offering an opportunity to customize these links before posting them on social media, hence enhancing viewers’ trust in the brand.

If people are likely to click on long, senseless links, imagine the multiplied likelihood of getting clicks for short, meaningful, custom URLs. A brand can also use this link to send out a message to potential customers. E.g., a sports brand can create awareness for a shoe launch with a custom URL such as Not only does the user know what to expect before clicking the link, but marketers have the opportunity to connect their brand with the user.

MyLnk’s customized links come with comprehensive tracking features and easy link management, making your job of optimizing campaigns a lot easier. Resources, thus, saved through optimization can be used to further propagate campaigns and improve ROI. Features such as time, date and region of the click will give you a good idea of when and where to promote your posts. More in-depth features such as the performance of different social media platforms will offer insights into which platform works best for you. It has loads of other handpicked features, which when used shrewdly has the potential to create viral campaigns.

You can either expend a ton of resources in leaping over hurdles or use MyLnk to get clicks, track URL and view consolidated reports of your progress, as you sprint towards success.

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