Amazon Glow: First impressions of a mother and her 4 year old

The Glow Device Bundle

Side-by-side comparison of a tablet device (IPad) and the Glow
Side-by-side comparison of a tablet device (iPad) and the Glow

Upright tablet with physical restraint

Security and Privacy

Special features

4 year old trying to complete the puzzle using Tangram Bits included with the device bundle
Fascinating process of Turning Queen Elsa into a digital image

Connecting with a remote loved one

Left: Remote connection displayed on the screen while the child can see the interactive storybook on the projection mat. Right: Child’s space as seen by the remote contact
Animated storybook page: Disney Moana
Word charade game where one person is the “actor” whereas the other is “guesser”

Beyond connection with remote loved ones

Learning Curve: Will the child teach the remote adult what to do/how to communicate?



  • Relatively safe virtual environment for young children (Curated content, no advertisements, no Alexa).
  • Novelty factor.
  • Large selection of activities.
  • Multiple potential uses beyond connection with remote loved ones.
  • 2-year worry free use including coverage for hardware breakage through replacement of the device.


  • To be used at home (due to design restrictions of putting it on a flat surface and internet connectivity issues).
  • Price point.
  • Designed for stationary use.
  • Cumbersome to handle and store/put away.
  • Device and application use restricted to the US.
  • Does not support connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) WiFi networks.
  • No multiparty video support.
  • No voice feedback during activities (expected to be done by the remote conversation partner).



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