If you want to learn the basics of Orange tool before going through this you can visit my previous blog in this series, named Getting Started with Orange Tool. In this blog I will show how to Split our data in training data and testing data in Orange, how to use cross validation in Orange.

Now let’s start creating the Work Flow.

First, We can use file widget and selecting titanic.tab as datasets. We can also import our datasets via File explorer. Also using URL of datasets.

This blog is all about some basic information about the Orange tool as well as how we can get started with the tool with some basic functionalities provided by the tool.

What is Orange Tool?

Orange Tool

Orange is an open-source data visualization, machine learning and data mining toolkit. It features a visual programming front-end for explorative rapid qualitative data analysis and interactive data visualization.

Orange tool consists of various items to be used for the machine learning and data science.

  1. Canvas : Provides UI for data analysis.
  2. Widget : Used to use the various items such as data, visualize or any…

Hola Amigos, continuing our data science series today we will learn about data preprocessing. When ever we are preparing any machine learning model or trying to get insights of the collected data we encounter some anomalies in the data. this might alter our results. thus it is best practice that to remove such data from our data sets, and thus removing and modifying data for further deduction is called data preprocessing.

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

Preprocessing includes many methods using which user can standardize their data. few of them are listed below:

  1. Encoding
  2. Normalization
  3. Standardization
  4. Imputing the missing values
  5. Discretization

We will perform all…

Working in industrial environment brings enormous amount of practical knowledge to students. For the summer internship I joined Cloud Ladder Consulting as an AWS Developer. It was great experience i got a chance to work on the live project with few other interns. This blog is all about the work i did and what did i learned from this internship.

The project which i was assigned to was a live service based product in which a bot is developed which can be accessible from telegram, WhatsApp and google voice. The idea behind this product was that if i own some…

Hola Amigos, in this new blog series we will be surfing vast universe of Data science by learning some interesting things which we can use in our day to day life an can accomplish some tasks smartly.

In this blog we will be learning how to extract data from any website and save it and analyze it for better purpose. Suppose you are starting your university studies then you might need a pc to complete your tasks or to attend online classes for that you want to purchase a new laptop. Now, There are many online shopping companies which provides…

After the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, people across the world are forced to work from home. Since the resources available at home are limited, most of us face compatibility issues due to which productivity decreases. And to overcome this we came off with the idea of implementing virtual labs using the AWS serverless infrastructure.


The main purpose of choosing this project is to provide scalable, cost-efficient, and highly available services to the students so that they can perform their lab tasks with ease. This project aims to provide lab-like facilities to students. …

Working in industrial environment brings enormous amount of practical knowledge to student and to do so i have worked as an intern at http://www.evernet-tech.com/ and i and my team have developed a website for club located in UK. The experience of working under supervision of head was so knowledge gaining.now keeping my working experience aside lets concentrate on our main objective i.e web development.

There are two types of website ones are static i.e. its content doesn’t change and there is no communication between user and website. other type of website is dynamic websites , these website’s content depends on…

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