Moving to the US: From Education to Job: A True Story

This is a true story. A story about a boy who pursued his interests despite of his poor family background.

A Trend

In Nepal, there is trend of students going abroad for undergraduate studies esp. to USA, Europe and Australia. The tuition fee of institutions in abroad is very expensive. Parents cannot pay such a big fee amount. And that’s a fact. Despite of the expensiveness of tuition fees in USA, parents allow their children go abroad for studies.

How’s it Possible?

This trend is successfully executed in this way: You pay the first year’s tuition fee of your undergraduate from your parent’s pocket and then the rest of the years’ fee by working and earning there. But you are only a high school graduate.What work can you do? The work or job that students do is like working as a waiter in a restaurant, or a bartender, or a cashier in a petrol pump etc. The US Govt has given a limited number of hours per week for foreign students to work and earn in order to meet their living expenses only. USA assumes that you have enough money to pay for your tuition fee. But students from the third world countries like Nepal illegally work for more than the given hours to earn and meet their living and undergraduate tuition fee as well. Some students cannot make enough money even working for more hours illegally. In those cases they study a semester and the next semester they only work for next few months to pay for their preceding semester or year’s fee. Some students are deported back to Nepal after being caught working for more number of hours. And this trend continues till present date.


The reason why this trend is present is because Nepal has been experiencing political turbulence since years. And Nepalese feel there is no future for them living or working in Nepal. So studying and working here will not do any good. So it’s better to go abroad. Another reason is Nepalese want to settle abroad esp. in first world countries. Whether it’s a white collar job or a blue collar one, they just want settle abroad.

The Story Unfolds:

The Past

I did my schooling in Kathmandu, Nepal. In my school there was a female peon. Her husband was a bus conductor. She had a son and daughter. Her son also studied in this school. He was two years senior than me. My Mom who is no more now was a Nepali language teacher in this school.

When I passed by 10th standard, the peon’s son graduated from high school. He was now in the time of entering into his undergraduate studies. Few of his classmates were my friends too. One of them was my family friend too. So I was in contact with them. As the time passed I came that those friends made it to USA for undergraduate studies. But I hardly had contact with the peon’s son. But my Mom who was very sociable was in contact with peon.

The Plot

One day my Mom had some news about the peon’s son. I was really interested to know. She told me that the peon’s son has got full scholarship to study in the US. But his family lacks the money for airfare to send him to USA. The peon has asked for some monetary assistance of 5 lacs Nepalese currency, Mom admitted with sorrow. My Mom was feeling sad about the peon’s son. Mom said with grief that if she had that amount of money right now she would have given her right away. On the other hand, hearing about 5 lacs I was little confused. Five lacs for just airfare from Kathmandu to USA doesn’t sound true.

The Truth

After a few months the peon’s son and I became friends on Facebook. I chatted with him on Facebook. He was studying in a university in Denver, Colorado. I congratulated him for the scholarship. But he denied of any scholarship. I was shocked to know that. He said he following the same trend as other Nepalese students do and paying his tuition fee and living expenses i.e. by working illegally for more number of hours per week. I told Mom about it. She was also shocked to know.


After a few years the peon’s son uploaded a photograph on Facebook. The photograph showed him standing beside his newly wedded wife and her profile tagged in the post. I opened his wife’s profile to see. There I came to know that she was also a Nepalese of a different ethnicity. She worked in a hair salon in Denver. She was living in USA for many years. I chatted with the peon’s son and came to know that she held a US green Card too. The peon’s son also had a job in a famous automobile company of US in Georgetown, Kentucky.

The Present

A few days back he had uploaded a photograph of his newly bought house in USA.