The hardware startup life — it’s a luxury

Building an exciting product, searching for the product-market fit, making videos and receiving compliments from the fans…Hardware startup founders are privileged.

But there is more what NEEMATIC founders get. Here are the free perks you rarely hear about. Experienced personally, highly recommended.

1. Business class travels

Stretch your legs and relax. Just another 20-hour ride.

2. Separate your work and family life.

Strict office hours. Family never involved in your work. No inventory at home. Your significant other appreciates and will always understand.

3. Always fit, always something to carry

It is not some software business — we are building real machines. We get to carry them, too. As well as components and trade show installations. Keeps you fit!

4. Extreme riding without any consequences

Testing in hardware is most fun, especially when you test 15 kW offroad bike. It is advised to test right after new feature was introduced, on a frozen lake, aiming for top speed.

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