Change management

Kurt Lewin, Kotter, Ackerman and Anderson, and Kubler-Ross’s change management models aim to describe how change should be managed in practice, in a collective and individualistic level. Combining theoretical models with organizational realities, we can level up a comprehensive framework for managing change.

We live in a world of rapid, relentless, continuous, and ever-faster rates of change. Change becomes the norm and change within change is ever-growing. Therefore, the ability to successfully navigate through change is becoming more and more important.

As individuals, each of us reacts to change in completely different ways, whether at the workplace or in personal lives. Hence, it is important to have a good awareness of how those around us, such as colleagues and family members, react to change. …

Change management

By being a catalyst and change agent, we can reduce roadblocks, by understanding why people change and when they don’t. There are 5 major barriers to change implementation: Intuitive Reactions, Endowment Effects, Gaps and Divides, Uncertainty, and Lack of Evidence

The challenge of change

Everyone has something they need to change. Whether it be a senior manager or client’s mind, transforming an organization, consumer behavior, industries, or even the world. But change is hard and often nothing happens despite the greatest of efforts at the highest of costs.

In the smartphone industry, new phones are often faster, have more memory, and better services, and therefore, people should very simply switch, but they don’t. …

Change management

The overall success of a change initiative depends upon the ability to proactively identify and manage cultural and organizational problems

Senior managers tend to find project deliverables not appropriately incorporated into routine business practices. …


Nima Torabi

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