I’m a quiet person and somehow that throws people off so they don’t talk to me. When they finally do (days later), they blow it and I get asked only one question that has only one reply. So to make things easier for everyone, I’ve compiled a list of questions you should as me if you should ever meet me.

Questions You Should Ask Me If You Should Ever Meet Me:

  1. What’s the one tattoo you wouldn’t get?
  2. What was the last tweet you liked?
  3. Are you learning anything new? (Bonus: What?)
  4. Which twin is older?
  5. What extinct creature would you be? (And if you’re feeling daring: Why?)
  6. What was the last thing you photographed?
  7. Bust any New York myths recently?
  8. How do you make meatball stroganoff?
  9. Last thing you Googled? Yahoo-answered? Bing-ed?
  10. How are you?

Questions You Should Not Ask Me If You Should Ever Meet Me:

So, what book are you reading?

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