Book a perfect Venue for a Perfect Wedding

Wedding is a very special and important event in journey of life. To make the wedding special and memorable we need to do proper planning and preparations. Venue is the most concerned subject in any function as it helps to organize the function properly.

While hunting for perfect venue for a perfect wedding we should consider some key factors that are very important. Let us talk about the key factors:-

1. Pricing: most of the cases banquet halls do not have fixed rates for certain functions, and have many hidden costs. So we should talk to the manager and discuses briefly about the costs and should get it in written documents. Price per plate is another negotiable factor while booking marriage venue because it is the base price that can multiplied by the total number of plates picked up by the guest. Ask about the final rates including parking, extra rooms, decorations etc.

2. Location: while selecting the venue location is an important factor because attendance matters the most. A function is incomplete without the guest so a bad location can decrease the number of guest. Although the location of the most banquets is listed on the Google map you should include the guide map with the wedding card so that venue should be located easily. Ideally we should choose the venue within the city and beside the main road. Most of the marriage halls in Chembur located on good locations.

3. Venue size: the size of the banquet hall is another key factor that completely depends upon the size of guest list. We should choose the hall that can accommodate a number of guests we expected in the wedding.

4. Full Serviced wedding venue: we should find a full serviced wedding venue ie. They provide decoration to chair, linen, catering, lighting, DJ, etc. although best wedding banquets in Mumbai provides all such facilities we should check it properly.

5. Availability of rooms: another key factor for choosing wedding halls is the availability of rooms. Besides the amenities, decorations and catering services we need different rooms for the bride and groom. In every marriage functions there are number of guest attend the function that comes from distant place, so you should accommodate them in rooms in marriage halls

We are live in an era of internet. So we should cheek and compare the rates and reviews about marriage halls before finalizing it. Primarily we should get relevant details about banquet halls and information related to their rates, party areas, capacities, parking space, menu and decorations from their review websites. We can also view the photos of the banquet halls and features of the venue with Do’s and Don’ts of a particular hall.

To book a perfect venue for a perfect wedding is a must to enjoy your marriage without any worry. In a wedding ceremony location, venue capacity, ambience, decoration, catering, amenities, budget is matters most. So, hope you will be benefited with above said article.

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