My job is clear
while I be held here

It’s to hang on a nail
and sell, sell, sell.

They say, “It be easy.”
They tell me, “Just be cheesy.”

But they must be teasing
because I’m really quite pleasing.

I’ve two brown eyes
like giant chocolate moon-pies;

My nose, it’s a stinker,
but it doesn’t need a tinker;

And while my smile goes on a mile,
my whiskers spread the Nile.

If it wasn’t for this leash
I would be beached

Somewhere in the sun
laying on my bum.

Instead here I hang
playing the waiting the game

Until one day soon,
right after noon,

A woman approached my nail
and did not turn tail.

Our eyes met, our smiles lingered
even our whiskers, even numbered, face centered.

Then the hand went up the rail
and took me off my nail.

Could it be
I, finally free?

Up to the checkout carried me, ma
I tried not to grab her with my big huge claw!

Though not untethered
my new home so much better.

Kittens galore
all for me to, and to be, adored.

For ultimately, I hold all that matters
to the kitty kats’ wailing chatter.

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