Neeohs: For the mind and the mindful.

We are here to nurture spaces for positive sharing and discussions.

While we were seeking out a fitting name we had a great challenge. Which name would be reflective enough for our intent while still being memorable enough for growth? Further, we desired a name that wouldn’t limit the scope of the space. We thought of words relating to buddhism, sacred geometry, unity, numerology, and ancient civilizations. The later of which inspired the name Neeohs. was available and we felt like it was unique enough to be easily memorable while still illustrating our intent.

Letting thougths flow during the naming process of in 2016.

Neeohs comes from the phonetic sound of neo with the added “s” representing many, multiple, all, or unity. Neo, in this case, referring to the Neolithic Revolution which is the oldest time in human history when people began to form communities. The neolithic revolution was the time in human history when small hunter gatherer groups began to settle together in agriculturally based communities. As agriculture grew the people of the time were able to become less and less nomadic and more stationary.

We will primarily be working towards positively impacting those who follow us while we encourage others to participate in a mindfulness movement.

Through our stories, and yours, we hope to further contribute to society in a positive way which inspires introspective thought and extrospective action.

To contribute to Neeohs, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.