Owner of self-made happiness!

Thanks for keep clicking me, my friend.

She is a self-made being. She tried, made mistakes, failed, got back, listened, observed, learned and grew. In all the years of living, the best lesson that life taught her is to synthesize her own happiness. Today that is what she is most grateful for. It didn’t come to her one fine morning, as easy as it is. She developed herself to the person who she is. She stripped off one by one the elements of societal conditioning from her. She let her experiment with herself. That was when she saw her, realized who she is and what she can be. It was her consciousness at work.

She let her heart opened, to accept everything as it is. She smiled to all, as there was none for her to keep her smile for. She constantly thought about everything she wished to have. She created her dreams one by one, adding the colors and fragrances it never had. She started to do things she always loved to do. She listened to more music, read more books, watched every movie and roamed around to find her place. She spent time with kids to share with them what she knows. She found the power of being with oneself and listening to that voice inside. She enjoyed all of it to its at most depth, like never before. Her solitude had already given her the power to relish on everything as subtle as her life. The more it grew, the more she thrived on it.

For her, world started to look like one beautiful place and life, a priceless gift to have. She realized the beauty in being kind, empathetic and sensitive. She experienced how happiness started to fill her up, every single moment. She discovered how effortless is it to be happy and content.

For once she wished to get back all her lost years to live life with the all its newly perceived understanding. She knew she would be left with nothing but an uncomplicated life, full of life!