My affinity towards the “Antihero”

This started to me when I was introduced into the world of Francis Underwood.We all know how perilous this protagonist is!

I started taking his character seriously of not knowing who he really is and I was amazed the path he follows and was in a dilemma “is he good or bad?”.

The concept of “Antihero” was very new for me as I never was on the other side of the boat.

I always think of the plans of these “Antihero” and they do definitely fail and thus we are put at the winning side.So this thought always comes in my mind,”what happens if the plan of the protagonist fails?”.

The answer was definitely given by these “Antihero” based films/TV shows.

Watching “House of Cards” did reserve a special place for Kevin Spacey.

Continuing watching the “House of Cards” did actually increase my likeliness towards Francis Underwood.

I know all the things he has done to appease his hunger towards power but I did support him , which was either my likeliness or the thoughts over the “Antihero”.

I think I may not get fond of every “Antihero” cause not every one is as good as “Francis”.People judge the “Antihero” wrongfully because there are always on the opposite side but not every “Antihero” is dreadful

This “Antihero” is different from other because he has courage , intelligence ,idealism thus puts him in the different category “Realistic”.

“Proximity to power deludes some into thinking they wield it”