I don’t approve

“ I do not approve”, he said. He seemed angry and disappointment. “ Yes! We invested so much money, so much patience and in return what we get? This ?”, she supported. “It’s not about the money, it’s not about patience, it’s about trust. I never expected this. Fuck!”, he banged his hands on the table.
She filled the only glass lying on the table with water and said pushing the glass towards him ,“ Don’t worry, we will talk to him.” He got up from the dining chair walked towards the entrance and exit of the house, and while keeping the empty glass back to where it was said “ I have no hope. It’s all my mistake. I do not approve at all. If you want to talk to him, you talk”. He walked to the door, opened the door and said “ See Parvati , I never raised my child to be a … , I am again telling you no matter what, I don’t approve” and left for office.

Parvati had fond herself again, alone. In between her son and her husband. She was the only person who of all people could either bring peace, or choose a side and let the family fall apart. Never in her life, life had presented her a situation to choose between two people she loved the most in the world. She unlocked her phone, the wallpaper read “ What does your heart say? ”. She whispered to herself, “ I do not approve.”

This is a very private conversation, we never know happened. But it happens and such conversations are life changing. There are so many people for whom approval of the people they really care about matters a lot in their lives. This conversation is a result of a small acknowledgement. Just this morning when Mr Arun Grewal, Assistant Garrison Engineer , Mechanical & Electrical Services woke up he found a message in his inbox. The message was from some girl named Supriya. The message told them that their son is very good at bead boxing and he has been called to play in London. It further told them that from the last 2 years, their son Somnath was learning beat boxing in Bombay. The sender had requested Arun to help him out financially as he was very stressed out.

This friend of Somnath who wanted to help him out. Who had secretly sneaked his father’s number from his phone never knew, that his father thought that his son was studying law at a university in Kolkata. The friend who had known that Somnath himself would never ask for help from his parents never knew, his parents can never help him. To help, one has to understand first. There can be no helping without understanding.

On confirming the news. Somnath confessed. He also said he liked what he did and wanted to do beat boxing for the rest of his life. Arun asked him to leave everything and come back home. Somnath refused to come back and invited his father to one his performances. Arun told him he didn’t approve.

But life. Life had played it’s cards . It had very slowly whispered in Somnath’s ears “ You will become a beat boxer”. This is kind of a very private conversation, we never know when it happens. But when it happens, such conversations are life changing.

To be continued…………..

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