You’re Doing It Wrong: Learn Digital Marketing the Better Way

Nanodegrees over traditional degrees…

What would you do if you have to market your brand in 1960s, with a very little budget?

Probably, nothing.

With a big budget?

Maybe, broadcasting it on radios, TVs and creating poster banners.

Well, whatever it may be, that is not the best way to project your brand. At that time, yes, it was. But with the advent of Internet and networking communities formed all across the world, there are better ways to communicate about your brand. Now in 2017, marketing has shifted from one-sided communication to double sided interactions, it has become easier to target your customers and interact with them. Why? Just because people started dedicating more time and energy from physical world to the internet and social media.

An average person today, spends about 2 hours on social media alone. Teens? They spend up to 9 hours. What is all this to the marketing people and brands? Opportunities like never before. As a result, marketing today has shifted from offline high budget ineffective campaigns to online low budget highly effective campaigns.

When I started creating content for with an aim to evolve people with ideas, the main problem in front of me was how to market my brand to the interested audience. Yes, there are lot of people over the internet, but not all are looking for ideas and knowledge. And not everyone is seeker and curious too. This was not the only problem, I wasn’t aware of the content strategies, email marketing tactics, SEO and many other effective tools to market my brand in this digital era. So clearly, I needed to educate myself. So, I started exploring the field a little bit more. Gone through various blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts. One thing led to another and I became much interested in the field. This field is a classic example of art + science. So, I decided to deeply explore it and maybe have a career around it.

Meanwhile, I was already fed up with the way universities teach. All theory, no practical action. Exams to measure grade and not the value you provide. I needed a better approach for the same. I wasn’t good to go anywhere until my friend who was doing one of the nanodegrees from Udacity, told about its new digital marketing nanodegree program. And then when I went through its indexed contents, my first reaction about it was, perfect! Now, I knew where I should be pursuing the field. I was already a fan of Udacity and how they taught. The fact they collaborate with big companies, like Google, Facebook and MailChimp to produce their content, their referral system to companies of their better-performing students, it was all perfect and I was good to go now.

It provided all the things I wanted:

-Practical knowledge, check.

-Community feedback, check.

-Large global community of fellow students, career opportunity, easy to go market plan….check, check and check.

I’m currently pursuing this Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program. It’ll end in the mid-September. That’s all for this blog, I’ll be posting more updates if I’ll get time. Thanks for reading. ☺ Do share it with people who you love and care, and the people who need to read this.