How to implement Kerberos in AWS EMR?

Neeraj Sabharwal
Aug 22 · 3 min read

Login to AWS , Search for EMR and Click EMR

EMR services
AWS EMR — Cluster landing page
AWS EMR — Cluster landing page
Clusters Page — Let’s create a new cluster

Create security configurations: ns-emr-kdc

ns-demo-blog-kdc — Security Configuration

Choose “Enable Kerberos authentication”

Create Cluster “Go to advanced options” ns-blog-emr

Choose services that you need

You can choose spot instances if you like and press next

Choose Cluster name and add tags if needed

Important: Choose EC2 key pair that you have already or create a new one using this link.

Security Configurations

Choose Security configuration that we created

Let’s fill up the security settings “Realm and KDC admin password”. You will need this information at the later stage during the principal creation.

Press Create Cluster

Cluster creation in progress. Click Hardware and you will need this information to ssh to EC2 instances

Hardware tab — Click Master ID

Let’s add a new user called neeraj.sab and add principal to run EMR Spark and Hive jobs. This user needs to be in all the EMR nodes.

Let’s create hdfs directory for user neeraj.sab

Let’s run pyspak job as user neeraj.sab.

demo.txt exist on hdfs under /user/neeraj.sab/

EMR Hive example

What happens if there is no user in kdc and kerberos ticket? We have OS user bosco.

User bosco logged in but beeline fails as there is no authentication for user bosco in EMR Kerberos enabled cluster

Let’s create principal called bosco and generate a kerberos ticket

Now, user bosco can run beeline and execute other operations like pyspark etc. This user needs to all the nodes of EMR.

Neeraj Sabharwal

Written by

Director of Sales Engineering @Privacera

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