Self-Service model in Big Data — Part 1

I was 16 or 17 years old when I experienced self-service model in India. It was confusing because of new learning and lack of process but because of something new and fun, I went back to that restaurant many times.

Have you used MacDonald’s self-service machine?

I have not seen any in US but I did get chance to use it once in Switzerland and must say that it was confusing initially and you have to pay for ketchup which was a surprise to me.

Self-Service model is being adopted in “almost” every industry now. I love to talk to people but when it comes to traveling then I would rather use kiosk instead of spending few minutes with the operator just because it’s easy and many times, there are no lines.

Now, Imagine launching your own Hadoop clusters or rather anything you need for your Analytics projects without talking to Infrastructure guys.

“You us Kiosk and press few buttons and here is your boarding pass.”

“You use a portal and press few buttons and here is your Hadoop Cluster”

This is going to be multi series blog to cover different vendors. Let’s start with Blue Data while I am waiting for my credentials from Datameer ;-)

Blue Data


username: admin and password is instance id of AWS EC2 instance

There is demo.user that you can use to learn about the setup. The following apps getting installed and once it’s done then these apps will be available to users. If you are installing Hadoop then be patient on the app install and verification process.

Create new Tenants

Watch this video.

It’s all about simplicity and easiness.

Learning never ends and that’s one of the reasons that I decided to join an IT and Service company. Click