Is tough on-boarding a feature of Snapchat?

I started using Snapchat sometime ago and found it to be very interesting. The whole user interface was so non-intuitive to me. I was confused because there was no hint, everything was confusing because there was no text anywhere. There were only logos for all the functions. All you could can do is click on a logo and figure out what its functionality is. Nothing else.

All that is there on the screen. Hop around to guess

This is quite an anti-thesis of all the other apps where in most cases you would taken to an introductory screen where you would taught about how to use a function.

The question is

why has Snapchat not adopted the standard user friendly on-boarding?

Another thing that I see is that once people get used to the user interface, they love it. There is a really good community on people here, producing awesome content.

I have been getting a lot of good content from Mark Suster on Snapchat. There is no other medium where you can produce the type of content that you can do on Snapchat because-

1- Spontaneous — The content disappears after some time. So you don’t need to worry about the quality of the content. You can be spontaneous.

2- Great tools — The video and photo editing tools are pretty awesome on Snapchat. You don’t need to think too much and they are fast so, creating content seems to be easy.

3- Focus on creation — The app opens on camera and hence you are more inclined towards creating content on Snapchat. Unlike on Facebook where when you go, you see lots and lots of news and you don’t get that natural inclination to create content.

But all of the above can be cloned and copied because they are merely features.

But what is one of the most awesome things on Snapchat is the community that is creating the great content that there is. And all that is leading to creation of an awesome community.

Now this community is great because of what? Maybe because of that barrier. The tough on-boarding. Because only highly curious people who are experimenting with icons, and tools are really enjoying Snapchat and hence only they are left there.

Every great club that you would go to has bouncers outside. Well almost every great club.

Maybe the tough on-boarding is the bouncer for the club that Snapchat seems to be at present. Its delightful and awesome.
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