Not an entrepreneur but an alchemist

All people who want to start a business, have a desire to do something creative and valuable. And what should we call them? an entrepreneur?

Words have power. The more clear the meaning of a word is, the more focused and clear your actions can be about it. Now lets see what an entrepreneur means according to

a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

The whole definition focuses on enterprise and risk taking. I don’t think entrepreneurship is mostly about enterprise and risk taking — at best , those are the side effects.

Entrepreneurship is about creation of value in the world.

Now to create new value, you usually need to take some risks but the main focus should not be the risk itself but the value creation. Hence its better to describe this as alchemy.

Convert iron into gold using philosopher’s stone

Philosopher’s stone for you is the combination of your thoughts, actions and perseverance. As an alchemist, you have to believe in the impossible. Where others are feel demoralised and giving up, thinking that converting iron into gold is impossible, you are refining your thoughts and actions and having another go.

People think you are crazy, insane. Of course research shows that this is not possible! But you keep researching, keep working, tirelessly.

Your elixir of immortality would be the value that you create for the world.

Cheers to the spirit of alchemy!

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